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Why Become A HarpGigs Member? Because you want more gigs! - HarpGigs is dedicated entirely to increasing exposure, bookings and publicity for harpists.
Why pay to get listed? Because you get paid advertising that gets results! - Unlike other free harp lists, HarpGigs.com is advertised online and in selected magazines (Wedding magazines, etc.) giving everyone listed on HarpGigs.com prominent and targeted paid exposure and advertising! Even if you already have your own website you want to join to get publicity and traffic to your website! More harpists listed on HarpGigs.com in return will give everyone listed more advertising and publicity. So join this advertising pool and get expensive publicity for next to nothing.
Just sign up and make your payment online or by mail. Your advertising expense may be tax deductible and not put a dent in your pocket after all.
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Profile Type Identification
One-Year Membership x x x x x
www.HarpGigs.com/YourName unique web press kit page x x x x x
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x x x x x
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Telephone, Fax, Email x x x x x
DIRECT booking! Customers contact you directly. No intermediary, agent or booking fee ever! You choose how customers will contact you. x x x x x
FREE! HarpTeachers.com
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Harp Teacher Listing FREE

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Harp Teacher Listing FREE

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Harp Teacher Listing FREE

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Harp Teacher Listing FREE

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Harp Teacher Listing FREE

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Concert and Harp Gig posting privileges. x x x x x
Publish articles and tips in the HarpGigs.com Guide and get more publicity! x x x x x
Harpist - Client Conferencing
HarpGigs provides a live chat room where you can arrange to meet with your clients to discuss booking details live on the internet.
x x x x x
Year-round Professional Marketing & Advertising Services x x x x x
Statistic Reports x x x x x
1 Cover Photo x NEW! x x x x
Get a paid Featured Harpist, Featured State Harpist or Featured International Harpist advertising display. Subject to availability. x NEW! x NEW! x x x
NEW! US TRAVEL RADIUS - Get listed in more US States, and get more gigs! 1 State (Same as your address) 3 States 10 States 20 States Unlimited
Provide more Info - Get more Gigs!
Travel Info (Will you travel? How far? Travel Details, etc.) No x x x x
Link to Your Website!!! Make it easy for customers to find and visit your website. Display your website address No x x x x
Performing Since (Year) No x x x x
Style of Music (Genres) No x x x x
Service Categories (Solo Harpist, Group, Singer, Entertainer, Songwriter, Composer, Arranger, etc.) No x x x x
Harp Type (Pedal, Lever, etc.) No x x x x
Can you provide a music group with additional instruments/vocals? What type? No x x x x
Group Member Names No x x x x
Price Info No x x x x
Make Your First Impression Count!
Photo Gallery - in addition to the cover photo No No 2 photos 4 photos 6 photos
Description (1-2 paragraphs) No No x x x
Biography (1-10 paragraphs) No No x x x
Repertoire Sample No No 100 songs 200 songs 400 Songs
Desired Events (You Are Available For) No No x x x
Reviews and Client Testimonials No No 5 10 20
NEW! Audio Samples or Links - Let your music speak for itself!
No No 5 10 20
NEW! Video Samples or Links No No 5 10 20
ADVERTISE! Give your RECORDINGS exposure and increase your sales! Include a picture and a title of each recording. No No 5 10 20
NEW! INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL RADIUS - Get listed in Countries in which you would like to be booked for an international gig! You might get a paid vacation... you never know. No No 5
Sharp and Impressive! No third party advertising. Your press kit contains only your information posted by you. No No x x x
Top listing in your Metro Area, DIAMOND being the highest listing and BASIC the lowest. (Metro areas are listed in alphabetical order within each listing category.) No No x x x
Membership Benefit and Advertising Details:

The Price is Right - You can choose the membership package that fits your performing goals and advertising budget. For only a few cents a day you can get advertising exposure to millions of potential harp gig clients and you also get a free HarpTeachers.com listing. You can't afford not to advertise on HarpGigs.com! Daily advertising on HarpGigs.com can cost you as little or less than a pack of gum or a postal stamp a day...yet you can get daily exposure to millions.


Unlike other sites we never charge you agent, bidding, and booking fees. The return on your advertising investment is completely yours!


Tip: The quality of the information that you provide on your HarpGigs.com page may influence the booking decision of potential gig clients. Consider choosing your advertising package accordingly. Gold or higher packages get top listing, give you the opportunity to portray a more professional image, and are likely to generate more gigs!


Press Kit - You receive a press page with a unique www.harpgigs.com/YourName web address. No need to set up your own web site. You can refer clients to this address, use this address on your business cards, etc. If you already have a website, HarpGigs.com will drive traffic to your website.

Exposure - Today, more then ever before, the internet is becoming the first step for finding and selecting music of all kinds. In fact the internet is the #1 source for finding information of any kind. With internet access at both home and office on the rise, professional event planners as well as individuals planning their own special events are increasingly going online in search of live musical entertainment.

Save Time, Save Money - By joining the HarpGigs.com advertising pool there is no longer a reason for expensive advertising. Potential gig clients will be able to finally find you with ease, and hire you with the click of a mouse. We save you money and time by providing a cost-effective way for you to increase your internet presence and bookings.

Targeted Users - Through our focused advertising strategy, HarpGigs.com generates targeted users in search of live harp music.

Web Site Security - We do not collect, keep or ever see your Credit Card information on HarpGigs.com. Your Credit Card information is processed via a secure server on the PayPal site. We collect only the information which you voluntarily post on your HarpGigs.com page. We do not sell or rent your information.

Profile Type Identification - Your profile type identification (1 or 3 or 5 green harps) will indicate the amount of information displayed on your HarpGigs.com profile. This system is designed to help potential gig clients choose harpists. It's not in any way a rating of the harpist!

Signing Up is Easy:  
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  3. Pay online with Credit Card using PayPal or pay by mail with a check or money order.


* Your actual results may well meet or exceed this calculation, but are not guaranteed. Individual results may vary based on location, demand for your services and other factors. The only way to find out is to try this advertising service for a year. If in the entire year you accept only one gig and refuse all others, you can still get more than a 100% profit.



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