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"Thanks for helping us all make a living playing the harp."
Laura Byrne, Harpist
"Thanks for your excellent website;
it's one of our main sources of business!"
Michiel F. (Diana Rowan, Harpist)
"It's certainly been a worthwhile investment for me!"
Rachel Avery, Harpist
"I've gotten great feedback from the site - many people
call from faraway places...
They often end up buying CD's...
I think you guys are doing an amazing job
and I sincerely hope that the site continues to expand.
In terms of pricing - I feel very happy with everything.
I think your rates are very reasonable.
For year round advertising of this nature it's an excellent deal."
Aine Minogue, Harpist
"It's wonderful! I've gotten so many requests.
What a wonderful site!"
Evangeline Williams, Harpist
"I've already got a couple of calls in the short time
I've been listed with you."
Mary LeBus, Harpist
"I think it is an amazing website
and I am so excited to be a part of it!"
Jenny Glass, Harpist
"I can't tell you how grateful I am for the beautiful listing.
Thank you for your professional touch,
and your understanding with those who are new at this approach.
I am very touched by the appearance of my new site."
Onita Sanders, Harpist
"I just got my first 'hit'
 through the harpgigs website - woo hoo!"
Rachel Avery, Harpist
"I'm very happy with HarpGigs, by the way.
I've gotten several jobs from my listing with you.
Thanks for offering a very reasonable, helpful service."
Mary LeBus, Harpist
"I so enjoy your site and have received
a number of gigs from the advertising it provides.
Many Thanks"
Emily John, Harpist
"We've been pleased with the site.
We have gotten several wedding gigs through HarpGigs."
Mary Weaver, Harpist
"I continue to enjoy success through my on-line listings with you."
Rachel Avery, Harpist
"I have found your website very useful in promoting myself
and hope it will continue for a long time. I'm very happy."
Dr. Ted Nichelson, Harpist
"I really appreciate this website service that you provide."
Mary Counts, Harpist
"I have received many requests for information through your website,
and I have been able to book a good number of gigs..."
Beatriz Martin-Ruiz, Harpist
"Thanks to your website - I have received
many many playing engagements!!"
Elaine Stindt, Harpist
"Your website is great. Within just a few months
I've gotten several gigs!
I know the site really works for me!"
Carla Bray, Harpist
"Thank you for creating this wonderful marketing resource!"
Karlinda Caldicott, Harpist
"Thanks for your help with making my web-site so lovely.
I have received many compliments from clients, booking agents and
other harpists."
Laura Byrne, Harpist
"Thank you! I love my ad - it really works!"
Laurel McConkey, Harpist
Within 3 weeks "I already got 3 jobs and one CD sale
 from HarpGigs that I wouldn't have otherwise."
Joanne Swords, Harpist

Harpist Wanted!

"We are looking for a harpist for our wedding, Oct. 27 in Destin FL. Please email me if you know anyone who might be in the area who is for hire. We have been searching but with no luck so any info would be a great deal of help! Thanks! Jimmy"
"My Name is Jessica Thompson and I am planning a wedding on the beach of Pensacola FL. I would like to have a harpist there for the occasion. Could you please help me find one in the area. Thanks, Jessica."
These are just two of the many emails HarpGigs.com receives from areas where there aren't any harpists advertising their services on HarpGigs.com! If you are a harpist you can't afford not to advertise on HarpGigs.com!

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