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Update Your HarpGigs.com Advertising
Advertise for 30 cents a day, play one gig for $210 a week, get a 10,000% weekly return!
Advertise for 40 cents a day, play one gig for $280 a week, also get a 10,000% weekly return!*

Your Listing & Advertising Service:

To renew your advertising service for another year please go to your HarpGigs.com webpage.
Near the bottom of your webpage you will see what kind of listing you have with the due date.
Just click on your due date and you will land on your renewal page. It will look like this:

Gold - January 15, 2009

Click on your due date and you will land on your renewal page where you submit your renewal.

Not sure what kind of advertising you have? Or when it expires?
Look on the very bottom of your HarpGigs.com webpage.

Listing Already Expired and Deactivated?

You can still renew it here. Just select your name above to see your expired listing.
Once we get the renewal payment we will reinstate it the same way as it was before it expired.
Then you can check it out and make the necessary changes.

It will run for a full year from the date it is posted.

to a Better Advertising Package:


From Basic to Professional
For all other upgrades go to register. Sign up and pay for the package of your choice. If you upgrade to a better advertising package but your current yearly advertising has not yet expired, we will prorate and credit that towards your upgraded advertising package and extend it's running time accordingly.

to a Less Expensive Advertising Package:

To Downgrade to a less expensive advertising package choose a package below and pay the renewal fee. Please be advised, you will loose some information and some States if you downgrade. Your Profile will display information according to your renewal package and you will be listed in only as many states as your new package supports.

Downgrade to:


Update & Change Information:

Please email any changes you would like to make to your HarpGigs.com to harpgigs@harpgigs.com
Name, location, website link and contact info can be changed as many times as needed, to make sure that customers will be able to reach you. Also, if you have a new CD/DVD coming out you may add it to your listing at any time during the year (given you have a membership that includes cd's/dvd's.) Please allow 1-5 business days for update to be approved, not including weekends or any holidays.
Major changes to your listing are limited to one change per year, to keep the cost down and in turn to keep the membership prices reasonable. Changing your information and photos all the time is not going to affect the amount of clients you get. We recommend that you make sure you like what you post, and do it once a year.

Cancel Your Advertising:

To cancel and have your advertising removed please fill out the Cancel Form.
Note: Your (remaining) annual fee is not refundable since it covers the work involved in processing your listing, and the advertising work associated with your listing. It's just like a harpist who would not reimburse a client for a gig already played. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this policy please email us.

* Your actual results may well meet or exceed this calculation, but are not guaranteed. Individual results may vary based on location, demand for your services and other factors. The only way to find out is to try this advertising service for a year. If in the entire year you accept only one gig and refuse all others, you can still get more than a 100% profit.

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