#1 International Harpist Directory
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Info* Photos Metro Area Harpist
Bay Area & Northern California Mitch Landy
Bay Area - San Francisco & San Jose
San Jose
Stephanie Janowski
-Los Angeles
-Southern California
Carol Tatum
-Los Angeles County
-Orange County
Dr. Ted Nichelson
-Los Angeles
-Southern California
Julia Cunningham
-Inland Empire
-Los Angeles
-Riverside County
-San Diego
Moira Greyland
Los Angeles Katrina Saroyan
Los Angeles & Southern California Claudia Grinstead
-Los Angeles
-Orange County
-San Gabriel Valley
-Southern California
Carla Bray
-Los Angeles County
-Orange County
-San Diego County
Kate  Loughrey
-Los Angeles County
-Orange County
Tomoko Sato
Los Angeles Vonette Yanaginuma
-Los Angeles
-Central and Southern Ventura County
Michelle Whitson Stone
-Los Angeles
-San Bernardino
Laura McCorkle
San Diego Marsha Long
Harpists from other States available to perform in California
Boston, Massachusetts Aine Minogue
Daytona Beach, Florida Melody Long Anglin
-New York
-New Jersey
Grace Cloutier
Seattle, WA Catherine Barrett
* Info indicates the amount of information available on each Harpist's profile.
It's not in any way a rating of the harpist.
Tip: For more results you may want to check another state.
If you know a harpist suggest that she/he register.

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